Unibet launch revolutionary new online poker software

By admin / April 29, 2014

Unibet have taken one of the boldest moves in online poker by leaving their existing Microgaming network to create their own level playing field.

Over the last 5 years the game on existing networks has got a ton harder to beat due to pros and semi-pros using tracking software and HUDs (heads up displays) in order to find soft tables and sit on the left of weaker players which makes it miserable for amateurs.

The new software prevents people from tracking hand histories and using a HUD  such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager. In fact you can only physically see the last 500 hands played. You can’t take notes on opponents and you can’t tell which players are bad by no waiting for the big blind or not auto-topping up as these features are not available on purpose. It’s super refreshing and means you actually have to read the table and opponents such as in live poker.

A 50bb minimum buy in on the cash tables means that ratholing (buying in short to double up and then instantly leave) is no longer an effective strategy so play is far more reliable and enjoyable especially if you are stuck. Strong players can no longer track down weaker ones as you have the ability to change your poker alias up to three times a day so everyone starts afresh every day.

You get a £10 cash ticket when you signup and you only have to clear 750 flops to be able to withdraw which on the 4nl 6 max tables does not take long at all.

Check out our Unibet Poker page to signup and for more information.

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