If Only You Could Meet Liv Boeree

By admin / June 11, 2014

Liv Boeree is the most successful British female poker player with over $2,100,000 in live tournament winnings and is considered one of the world’s best female poker players by taking down an European Poker Tour title  in 2010 for  €1.25MM. She is also an astrophysics graduate, TV presenter and model so she can really appeal to a wide demographic. 

Wouldn’t it be great to meet such a lady?

Well now you can thanks to Ifonly.com, a new charity marketplace site that allows you to ‘connect with the world’s top talents’ and buy experiences with your favourite poker players such as Jamie Gold who they state is ‘regarded by many as the world’s best bluffer‘ – we’re pretty sure that was self-procalimed by Jamie on the classic episodes of High Stakes Poker back in the day:

On offer is the opportunity to meet Liv at the WSOP of play poker with her but the better EV play looks to be the Hike Red Rock Canyon with Poker’s Hottest Star package where there would be tons of value hanging with Liv and her entourage.

Liv has chosen Greenpeace as her charity and you can be certain that the site will give 70c on the dollar to charities whereas you can’t always be certain that Liv would split the money after her ‘Split or Steal’  TV show appearance!

The show was based on the prisoner’s dilemma and Liv won over her opponent by convincing him that she would split the money when she had no intention.

Her opponent said “when I saw that steal ball coming I was surprised, she’s obviously a very manipulative and very  intelligent women in terms of she totally convinced me.” Liv replied with “the only way to make money in this game is to steal, that was part of my strategy from the start” which makes her excellent at zero-sum games such as poker!

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